7 Effortless Ways To Organize Your Closet

Are your drawers bursting with odd socks, swimwear, hats and gloves? These days, storing things properly in your closet has become an entire art. It always seems that there are too many items of clothing and not enough space for them.

Fear not! We can reveal some of the secrets of storing things neatly and compactly, so they keep their freshness and you can still close that wardrobe door.

1. Get rid of stuff you don’t need
how to arrange your closet
First of all, sort out the clothes you never wear. “I wore this skirt five years ago, maybe I will wear it ever again“ — such excuses are not accepted. After all, you haven’t once remembered the skirt for the last five years. By the way, you don’t need to dump old clothes; you can make all sorts of interesting decorations out of them. For example, you can sew a chair cover or a blanket from scraps of fabric. It might take some time, but the result will make you feel good.

2. Seasonal storage
how to arrange your closet
Fall is coming to an end and winter is on its way. It’s time to go through things and to put away those that won’t be used anytime soon. You can hide them under the bed or lay them down in a basket on the top shelf of the closet. Sometimes seasonal items can be stowed away in the pantry or in a roomy, multi-functional case that can also serve as a decoration or a coffee table.

3. Smart sorting
how to arrange your closet
Smart sorting helps you quickly find the things you need. There are several ways to divide things: according to colour, type of material or ”top and bottom“ (T-shirts and sweaters on the upper shelves and skirts and pants on the closet rod underneath).

4. Little helpers
how to arrange your closet
Clip hangers, transparent containers and baskets will help you to organize storage and save space in the closet. For convenience, you can write on containers and boxes or hang on cute labels with the words “socks”, ”tights”, and so on.

5. Storing shoes and bags
how to arrange your closet
Each pair of footwear and bag should have its own place in the closet. Boots and shoes are best kept on the bottom shelf. For convenience, you can make a small rod to hang knee high boots on. This will help them keep their shape. You can also assign the top shelf to bags. Fill the accessories with paper to prevent them from getting crushed.

6. Keeping clothes in drawers
how to arrange your closet
It’s no secret that drawers don’t always keep things in perfect order. To facilitate cleaning and to fit as many clothes as possible in the closet, you need to roll things up loosely and put them in upright. You can separate them using cardboard partitions or packaging tubes that are sometimes left over after shopping. This is a convenient way to store underwear, T-shirts, socks and scarves.

7. How to keep your clothes fresh
how to arrange your closet
Before putting woollen knitwear in the closet, you should air it. It’s better do it this outdoors. Before consigning knitwear to seasonal storage, it should be washed, aired and put it in plastic bags. Leave the closet open from time to time, so that the clothes inside don’t retain any unpleasant odours.


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