Her Daughter Was Getting Dirty Looks After Her Surgery. Her Response Is Heartbreaking

I have had time to cool down since town so in going to put something out there…I took my daughter to town today, and the amount of dirty looks and whispers about her was unbelievable. This child is the bravest I know. She just had a bilateral brain surgery done; she was brought back to life on the table even including a blood transfusion. Yes, I pushed her in a wheelchair because she was weak after being at the doctor and in the car all afternoon. The dirty looks and remarks that if she took that stupid helmet off, she would look human again make me realize what kind of world we live in. The fact is that she had parts of her skull removed, so she has to wear a helmet in case she falls or hits her head. The really sad part is that it wasn’t kids that made these remarks and looks towards my child. Please treat everyone (including kids) how you would want someone to treat your child. There is nothing worse than going to the bathroom and holding your child while she cries because someone made the remark she would be pretty without her retarded hat. Please share the heck out of this to spread the word of how words can really hurt feelings.

how words hurt

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