Blind Mom Goes In For An Ultrasound, Now Watch What The Doctor Does.

Though the blind live without sight, they have a unique sensory experience that allows them to “see” so much of what we miss.

When the four remaining senses become stronger, the little things become all the bigger.

This occurrence isn’t as rare as it may sound. Blind painter John Bramblitt has never seen his wife or son before, but he can paint lifelike portraits of them just by touching their faces!

For a blind mother, the smell of a baby’s hand grazing her nose is all the more potent. The tuft of hair on the little one’s head all the more soft.

Tatiana is a blind mother and is very much looking forward to the moment she can hold her son for the first time.

However, unlike most expecting mommies, Tatiana isn’t able to have the experience of seeing her baby boy develop in her womb through the ultrasound.

The first time you can discern that little nose on the screen, which Tatiana imagines “looks like a little potato,” is a precious moment for every mother.

Huggies decided to give Tatiana a little something special. When I saw what it was and how she reacted, I definitely teared up.

The beauty of motherhood comes in all different forms and Tatiana’s is definitely something special.

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