These Hummingbirds’ Reaction When Man Points A Hair Dryer At The Bird Feeder Is Extraordinary

From Youtube user “blueskeye:” We had a hard freeze in Sedona in Feb of 2011. I had wintering Anna’s Hummingbirds every year and kept them well fed. To keep their feeders from freezing, I took them in at night and put them out at 1st light. As cold as it was, the feeders would start freezing after 1 hour or so. I decided to put a feeder on a heating pad when I put the food out before 1st light.

My heart sang when I looked out the window and saw “Rocky” and “Adrian” (as I named them) actually sitting on the heating pad warming up while they ate..  The feeder I am defrosting in the pictures was outside in the front and not heated and started slushing up so I swapped feeders out and used a hair dryer with the feeder on the heating pad to speed up the defrosting process. Fearless “Rocky” came right to the feeder while I was heating it and went right on feeding even seemingly liking the warm air from the hair dryer. What an amazing experience and what amazing little birds!


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