Kind-Hearted Traveler Helps A Fleeing Hurricane Survivor

My heart is full!

Tonight I went to the bank right before it closed. At 6 pm the parking lot emptied out, and I got in my car and was texting a few people back when I got a knock on my window. It was a woman crying. I rolled down my window half way and asked her if she was ok. She started crying even more and said, ‘My name is Kimesha, and I’m stranded here from hurricane Irma and don’t have enough money to get home.’ I couldn’t understand the entire story through the tears, but from what I could get, she had gone to her dad’s funeral and her flight layover was in Miami, and all of the flights were canceled right before the storm, including hers.

She was kicked out of the airport when they closed and was told all the shelters were full and she should go to this hotel by the airport. She went to the hotel, and they charged her to sleep in the lobby because the hotel was at capacity, she showed me the receipts. She used the rest of the money she had to her name to stay safe until the storm passed and was out of money and couldn’t even eat.

I just got back to Miami after evacuating and made a HUGE pile of things to donate. I also wanted to donate my time and energy to people that really need love and light right now. Literally, right after putting that out to the universe, she comes knocking on my window.

I got on the phone with Southwest Airlines and told them what was going on and asked them if I could donate my points to her and get her on a flight home, they said yes! We both looked at each other with such excitement. I got out of the car and gave her a huge hug and asked her where she was staying and if I could give her a ride back there since it wasn’t close. (For all of you thinking about my safety, I have crazy gut feelings, and it was a ‘hell yes’ to help her.)

This woman was harmless and just needed some love and light. I ended up stopping back at my house and making her dinner, snacks for the airport, and letting her go through the pile of donation items! She was sooo excited because I made a super healthy dinner, she’s been trying to lose weight and has not had the money for healthy food. We had dinner laughing and talking about fun recipes and workouts. Lol, She stopped and looked to the sky and thanked Jesus and the universe with tears over and over.

hurricane survivor help

She prayed for help… while I prayed for a way to know who/how to help. The universe works in the most amazing ways. She has money to the get to the airport, a flight home, a full tummy, snacks for the plane, a great personal development book, and lots of fun goodies that she took from my pile! She is not the only one that needs help, so many people are in contrasting situations after these hurricanes, they were devastating for so many. If you feel it in your heart to contribute in any way, please let me know, and I’ll point you in the right direction. So many people need things in Florida, Houston, and the islands that got hit!

Things like today put my life in such perspective…I have a roof over my head, a thriving business that I can work from anywhere, and I came home to very little damage compared to most…GRATEFUL is an understatement.

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