Cheating Husband Gets Busted By Wife In The Act…

An Idaho woman confronted her cheating husband at the door of her best friend’s home after he arranged to meet up with her (video below).

In footage of the incident, Boise, Idaho, mother Leslie Varner can be seen explaining the situation to viewers, saying that her husband — who’s cheated in the past — had messaged her best friend, Sam, on Facebook about hooking up.

Sam informed Varner of her husband’s attempts, so they came up with a plan to bust him in the act. Sam messaged him back and invited him over to her house, and they made plans to meet up.

“Busted,” Varner says to 26-year-old Cody as she opens the front door instead of Sam, according to Daily Mail. “F**king busted. I want a divorce.”

Cody begins to laugh, telling his wife that he “knew this would happen.” She begins to ask him questions about his past infidelity, but he shrugs them off.

“It doesn’t matter,” he says when asked how long he’s been cheating and who else he’s been cheating with.

“It matters ’cause I’m f**king married to you and the mother of your child,” Varner responds. “And you’re laughing ’cause you’re embarrassed as f**k and you look like an a**hole.”

The entire time, Cody appears to be more concerned with the fact that he’s being filmed than the fact that he’s been caught. His wife informs him that the whole time he was flirting with Sam on Facebook, he was actually talking to her.

Varner admits to her husband that she was unfaithful with a man named Jared, but insists that it was because she knew he was cheating on her with women named Crystal, Erica and Cassie.

As her husband leaves, Varner tells him that adultery is a felony in the state of Idaho — though it’s actually only punishable by a fine and anywhere from three months to three years in prison.

In another case of wives confronting their suspicious husbands, an Australian woman showed up at her own funeral to confront her husband after he hired a hitman to kill her, said Daily Mirror. The hitman didn’t go through with the job; instead, he informed the wife. He then told the husband that the job had been completed, and he arranged her burial.

Watch the intense confrontation between Varner and her husband below.


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