Annoyed Wife Lists “Husband For Sale” But It Didn’t Quite Go The Way She Planned…

Theresa and Rob Turner have been married for a long time. When Rob found a video of people loudly crunching their food repeatedly, he kept playing it for Teresa who suffers from Misophonia. This is a total dislike of particular noises, and she despises the sound of people eating loudly.

Teresa repeatedly asked him to stop and when he didn’t, she made the following Facebook post about his being for sale.

husband for sale

husband for sale

Teresa plan for revenge took an unexpected turn when hundreds of single women said they would gladly take him off her hands.

Of course, Teresa was only kidding, and she was not willing to part with the annoying husband. The couple recently celebrated their fourth anniversary together.

Rob said he has his own little quirks but that they get through them all together.

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