After She Finally Gets Pregnant, Husband Leaves Her In Overwhelming Debt For Another Woman…

Amanda and her husband finally got pregnant after 3 years and several miscarriages. They had saved up for two years to move into the house of their dreams, and then her husband left her.

husband leaves pregnant wife

She is now completely alone (at 36 weeks pregnant) and inherited terrible debt.

husband leaves pregnant wife

When a radio station in Sydney heard about her story, they decided to do something about it…

“When we heard about Amanda’s story we had to give her a Giveback she would never forget. Amanda and her husband were trying for a child for 3 years with many failures. Finally, she managed to conceive and she is now 36 weeks pregnant with her first child. They purchased their first home and finally moved in around 2 months ago after renovating – everything was looking up for Amanda and her young family. However, it all came tragically unstuck about a month ago when her husband left the marital home. What did Amanda discover when we put a camera in her home…”


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