Her Son Found A Loan Application That She Was Unaware Of

When I moved (read kicked) out of my parents’ house, I had nothing but my car and money in my pocket. In order to get my affairs in order, I needed my birth certificate and my social security ID. I asked my dad about them for weeks, but him being the dick that he is, he wouldn’t give them to me (I was 19 at the time). I wait until everybody as gone, go into the house (door was unlocked) and go into his office to get my paperwork. He kept it locked in a safe that had every family member’s important paperwork in there and I knew where the key was. I found what I needed, but also saw something else in there.

Bank receipts and paperwork going back about a year that I now know was an approved application for a home equity loan, for $160K. we always grew up thinking we had very little money and I was working and paying for my own medical/car/food since I was 15. I paid for myself to go to school and all my other expenses. I got out of dodge quick but I called my Mom about the whole situation, on how I was trying to get money for books and rent because I only had about $50 to my name and the financial aid was still processing.

I told her I knew about the loan and that they had money because what other debt could they have? She was silent on the phone, but not because she knew I was right. She was stunned because this was the first she had heard of it. I told her I saw her signature on it and she said she never signed anything.

This lead to a nasty divorce that lasted a year. It seems my dad had quite the life outside of his family. He had been hiding money elsewhere and spending it on everybody but his wife and three kids. He went as far as to even have a nice brand new BMW that he kept in storage and would swap out to that one before heading to work as well as changing into expensive ass clothes. All in all we found out that he had no less than three other kids with three different women, a handful of girlfriends on the side vacations (without us) and a bunch of other crap. He had a secret life and kept it quiet for nearly 20 years.

In total, at the end of the divorce, through investigating and bank records, it came to light that he was making close to $300K a year will full medical (none of us had it) and had banked close to $750K in a bank account that only he knew about. That was a decade ago, I continued with my life, got married, had kids and am now close with everybody in my family but my father and he is not welcome in my house or near my children. I found out just recently that he is married (again) to the woman who signed for my mom on the loan that I saw that blew open the cover to his life.

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