What He Did To His Wife While She Was Sleeping On An Airplane, Just Hilarious

If there’s one moment in my day that I hold absolutely sacred it’s when it’s time to sleep; mainly because everyone knows just how cranky a person can be when they’re running on very little, and having a great dream interrupted for no reason is enough to annoy even the most peaceful of us. That’s why I refuse to mess with someone else while they’re sleeping, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find it entertaining when it happens to someone else!

James Walsh and his wife Tasha were on a flight from London to Vietnam when he noticed his loving wife had fallen asleep, so he decided to have a little fun. After a couple pokes and prods he discovered there was nothing short of the plane falling out of the sky that would manage to wake her, so his career as a ventriloquist began! I hope she took it in better spirits than I would after waking up.


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