These Ice Cube Tray Tricks Are Not Just Clever. They Will Make Your Summer Days A Lot More Interesting…

You probably never give any thought to your ice cube tray. But they’re an easy to find, inexpensive kitchen tool that can be used for so much more than just ice.

This collections of delicious ice cube tray ideas proves there are still plenty of things to invent in the kitchen.  Like these delicious coffee ice cubes.

ice cube hacks 1

Or how about individual yogurt servings, frozen to keep them as long as you need?

ice cube hacks 2

You can have an endless supply of instant smoothies (or a delicious treat in a glass of water).

ice cube hacks 3

Or skip the tray and make yourself some watermelon ice “cubes.”

ice cube hacks 4

Edible flowers will make even a humble glass of water sing.

ice cube hacks 5

And you’ll be singing after trying frozen chocolate-covered strawberries.

ice cube hacks 6

If you’re not a sushi chef, you can still make a pretty decent little Japanese bite by using the tray as a mold.

ice cube hacks 7

Blended fruits make a perfect homemade baby food.

ice cube hacks 8

You can even freeze chocolate for a decadent dessert.

ice cube hacks 9

Speaking of dessert, Dreyer’s has a great idea for a fun homemade milkshake.

ice cube hacks 10

If you like to bake, you can make your recipe ahead and have perfect frozen portions ready to go.

ice cube hacks 11

What a relief! Aloe and ice will make you forget all about that lobster-red complexion.

ice cube hacks 12

And last but not least, edible sugar glitter ice cubes will help turn any occasion into a blowout party.

ice cube hacks 13


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