Transform Your IKEA Bookcase Into Another Piece Of Functional Furniture

Jen, from “i heart organizing,” was facing the problem of her children growing up so fast and having to upgrade their furniture.  Until she came up with a unique solution using two IKEA bookshelves and some old fabric. 

This was Jen’s playroom before the makeover. With three boys, the space was quickly becoming crowded. The slipcover chairs had served their purpose, but it was time for a change.
IKEA bookcase into a bench 1

First, to liven up the room and give it a more whimsical look, Jen painted a wall blue and stenciled on white birch trees. If you’d like a closer look at how she did it, check out her directions here.
IKEA bookcase into a bench 2

Next, she took two IKEA Expedite bookshelves and flipped them on their sides. As an IKEA family member, she scored both for $100, but for the rest of us, they’ll cost closer to $60 a piece. If you don’t want to spend that much, try checking your local thrift shop or yard sales for a shelf – just make sure it’s sturdy!
IKEA bookcase into a bench 3

Jen then purchased a board and some foam, which she cut to fit the length of the bookshelves.
IKEA bookcase into a bench 4

She wrapped the board and foam in some snazzy green fabric …
IKEA bookcase into a bench 5

… and just like that, a bench was born!
IKEA bookcase into a bench 6

It looks great in the space, and best of all, solves two problems at once. The family now has a place to hang out, and the kids have plenty of storage for their books and toys. Way to go, mom!
IKEA bookcase into a bench 7


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