Ten Movies That Help You See How Important It Is To Never Give Up

Being talented is often a heavy burden. The throes of creation can be horrible and even lead you into depression. If you feel lonely and misunderstood, these movies will help reassure you that everything’s going to be OK.

important to never give up 1
A movie imbued with not only high-class jazz music but also with a rhythm that will blow your mind. The main character shows by his own example that to achieve greatness you sometimes have to give it all your heart, and to get back up every time you fall.

Silver Linings Playbook
important to never give up 2
The protagonists in this film, played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, have so much to learn. But they didn’t lose hope even when they reach the very brink of insanity.

important to never give up 3
This biographical film is about a movie career of Charlie Chaplin who started as an actor of worthless vaudevilles and then turned into a silent movies star. Even the most desperate person will believe in himself inspired by a the thorny way of a movie star.

important to never give up 4
The main character of François Ozon’s movie has a truly remarkable life story. We discover that the unwavering self-confidence she shows became the key to her successful writing career.

important to never give up 5
The jazzman who revolutionised music always struggled with something during his life, whether it was blindness, drugs, or racism. It’s for this reason that this movie about his life is so inspirational.

The Artist
important to never give up 6
This Oscar-winning film about love will help to take your mind off of the daily routine and to remember those people who support us on our creative journey.

Billy Elliot
important to never give up 7
Watching this heart-warming story about a kid who goes against the whole world — including his own family — in order to do what he really enjoys doing, makes you want to straighten your shoulders and move forward, no matter what happens.

La Vie en rose
important to never give up 8
’’La Vie en rose’’ centres on the struggle of a great French singer, Edith Piaf, for the right to live, sing and love. If she managed to come up from the slums of Paris to appear on the best concert halls stages, then truly, everything is possible in this life.

important to never give up 9
Talent means nothing if you don’t live up to the gifts you were born with. This is the key theme in this historical drama about the rivalry between two composers.

important to never give up 10
Sometimes, your imagination can be very deceptive. In essence, ’’Atonement’’ is about how it’s important to keep your head clear no matter what challenges you face.


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