You Think This Is A Normal Pony But Wait Until She Does This…

The Shetland Islands is a group of 100 islands, 130 miles north of Scotland’s mainland. Shetland ponies originally come from the islands and are known for their small, sturdy size and their compact build. These intelligent creatures are gentle, good-tempered and opinionated. Mobile phone company, Three, must have found the most opinionated and cheeky Shetland pony of them all for a recent advertisement. A plucky, little Socks and his secret talent quickly blew the shoes (and socks) off audiences around the world and became an internet sensation. We can’t tell what we like more: his good moves or his love of Fleetwood Mac’s song “Everywhere.” Either way, he won our hearts over in this video.

If this video makes you want to own a pony, consider a few things beforehand. For starters, owning a pony isn’t the same as owning a house pet. They require lots of attention and training to ensure that they remain healthy throughout their lives. You also have to think about whether your pony will live in the fields or the stables as this will have an affect on their general wellbeing. It’s always a good idea to get expert advice before making this decision, or any other decision regarding the type of food, grooming and facilities your pony needs.

There are many benefits to owning a pony, so if you’re willing to put in the time and effort required to maintain one, you should go ahead and get one. Who knows, maybe you can teach it how to dance like the pony in this hilarious video.



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