Jerk Gets Crushed And Put Down Hard When He Calls Woman A Slut

This year just keeps getting crazier and crazier the longer it goes on, and as more videos like this one emerge 2017 isn’t looking too hot either. Speaking of looking hot; that’s apparently the only crime this poor girl was making in the eyes of some other random guy as he simply would not let it go, except he wasn’t being nice about it. This young woman was dressed in a low-cut shirt that exposed part of her stomach and a pair of black pants. Really there’s nothing too revealing about her outfit at all, but the guy somehow managed to find a problem with it.

One of the first questions the crazy guy asked was whether or not she was a slut, then turning to a nearby group of males asked if one of them was her pimp. He continually asked how much money she was selling herself for and eventually revealed he views himself above women because he’s a “man.” This woman dressed up to impress and that’s exactly what she was doing, but it seems the guy was sexually frustrated enough to find an insult in her being attractive. Luckily the other bystanders weren’t going to take much of him berating an innocent woman and one of her friends completely knocks the guy out with a single hit!

They all should have asked him what it means to be a man because if the response was along the lines of penile ownership his entire argument would have flown out the window without any further rebuttals. Sexism is alive today, yes. There are few who would doubt that claim left remaining, but the fact that a woman can’t be attractive in public without these types of harassers verbally attacking them is absolutely ridiculous! Thankfully this is one “man” who got what he deserved, though it makes you wonder how many don’t.


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