Ignorant Rich Woman Berated A Salesperson Was Stunned When A Customer Did This

So, I was in the dressing room at Nordstrom’s, and I heard an obviously wealthy woman berating the poor salesperson.

She entered the dressing room next to me. She started to talk, on her phone, to someone.

“You would just not believe what shabby, incompetent people they hire here. They are just the worst. A bunch of dolts. No class at all. So base. So common. Well, I guess there is only so much that minimum wage gets you.”

I felt horrible for the poor saleswoman. I know she could hear this snotty woman.

When I left the dressing room, I saw the woman standing with her back to me and the saleswoman.

Winking at the tearful saleswoman, I tapped the rude woman on the shoulder.

“Excuse me. Do you work here?”

She appeared quite taken aback. Her mouth fell open.

I thrust the blouse, I was holding, at her.

“Here. I need this in size 6.”

“I don’t work here.”

“Oh, sorry. You look like an employee.”

She glared at me icily and stalked off.

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