Property Brothers Star Jonathan Silver Scott Shares Thoughts On Current Negativity In Our World

Because the internet has made hating and complaining too easy, reality TV star Jonathan Scott thinks it has become all too much. He recently faced backlash for mentioning the recent Women’s March, and his Facebook page was inundated with negative messages.

jonathan silver scott

He said that people can disagree without being vindictive and hateful.  He made the video below:

“Think back to when you were a child, and your parents taught you that ‘If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ I have no idea what happened to that – because I read all of your posts…. We also have some people who are just cruel and angry, and no matter what, they just have something negative to say….When your parents were teaching you that life lesson, they were not suggesting that you always have to conform. There’s a big difference between having an opinion and always trying to pick a fight.

The us-against-them mentality is hurting people and making it harder for people to disagree without it turning into a vicious fight. Hopefully, more people start learning to say nicer things and work harder at maintaining decorum even when talking to people they disagree with!”

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