Students Learned A Valuable Lesson From Their Teacher After They Made Fun Of A Classmate

Couple years ago, had a couple of high school kids (juniors) in my class. I’m known as being a laid-back teacher, and I’d like to think I’m respected for it. I haven’t to give a detention in 8 years (except for one, he was a punk).

Anyway, one day I have two guys in my class, and a girl was excused from class early. I don’t know what was said but as she left the room one of the guys said something about her physical appearance.

I didn’t want to bring unnecessary attention to it. The class was doing group work, so it was a little noisy anyway.

When the bell rang, I said: “Joe and Bill, you guys stay, everyone else go.” Everybody thought they were in trouble.

After everyone but them had gone, I said, “Guys. Never make fun of anyone for their physical appearance. You don’t know what their family life is like. Maybe their water is shut off because their parents couldn’t pay the water bill. Whatever the case, try to give people the benefit of the doubt.”

They apologized and left.

The next year at graduation the one guy brought up that conversation. He said he’ll always remember that when dealing with people.

I felt so proud.

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