Grad Doesn’t Know He Sent Photos To Wrong Number Until It’s Too Late, Then Stranger Texts Back

It’s probably happened to all of us at least once: You open a text message, enter the number, type the text, and send it. Then, a bit later, you realize you sent the message to the wrong number.

There’s a moment of panic, isn’t there? Usually, you simply receive no reply or get a “wrong number” text back.

But for one young man from South Carolina, an accidental photo message turned into a series of texts that have now gone viral on social media!

Justin Campbell, 23, recently graduated from Coast Carolina University. He took a lot of photos on his big day and wanted to share them with a friend. So he typed in his friend’s number, attached the graduation photos to the text, and sent them.

But he’d made a mistake, of course, and he didn’t realize it until it was too late. About an hour later, he received a reply.

It was another photo — one of a man he had never met in his life.

Now, receiving photos from a complete stranger sounds like an utter nightmare, but you’re about to find out why people everywhere on social media can’t get enough of the interaction Justin had with the mysterious man!

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