They Met Online And He Killed A 15-Year-Old Teenage Girl

When Kayleigh Haywood received a message on Facebook from 28-year-old Luke Harlow, they started talking on a regular basis.  After exchanging over 2,600 texts in 2015, he convinced her to meet him and spend the night at his house.  His 29-year-old neighbor, Stephen Beadman, held her against her will for more than two days and when she tried to escape, Beadman caught her, raped and murdered her.

Beadman went on trial and was given a life sentence, while Harlow received 12 years in prison.  In order to advise teenagers against meeting people they don’t know online, Leicester police (with the Haywood family’s support) recreated the last two weeks of Kayleigh’s life in a heartbreaking video.


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