They Mocked His Job And His Country Accent. But When He Starts Singing, Everyone Is Floored…

If someone told you their day job was catching chickens, how would you react? A lot of us would probably laugh, and maybe even label the person a “redneck.” But, there’s a funny thing about that word – it was actually inspired by hard-working laborers, whose necks were simply sunburned from working outdoors. When you think about the sacrifices that came with their hard work, the word’s negative connotations drop away.

And there’s nothing wrong with being a “chicken catcher,” either, but before you critique Kevin Skinner on that merit alone, take the time to hear him sing. Even the judges on America’s Got Talent had to admit that their initial perceptions were way off. His soothing voice is a gentle reminder that we should never, ever judge others, especially before getting to know them. 


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