Father Is So Proud Of What His Son Did With Left Over Food

So this afternoon I decided to take my son out for lunch for his birthday (because all of his cousins have had a restaurant birthday experience and he was feeling left out.)

We went to Q BBQ and had an AMAZING meal (my son even asked for the chef to tell him it was the best meal he’s ever had LMFAO where does this from?!), So we had hella leftovers, and we packed up and were headed to Soper park to play.

We come across a man in front of Little Caesar’s on the grass, he has a sign but isn’t holding it. He looks starving, and I’m talking sick. My heart sank. He was trying to pack up his very large suitcase tying a big stick to it because the pull bar was broken and Cory asks me “mommy, why does that man look so hungry?”

I explained “Cory; not everyone has money for food or clothes… Or even a warm place to sleep.” He looked at me so sad and confused. He said, “no mommy to love him and feed him like you do for me?” I said “no baby, It’s very sad” so we pass him and Cory says hello, the man says “hey little man, God bless you, ” and something in my kid changed.

He took the bag of food from me and ran up to the man. He gave him a hug and said: “Mister, are you hungry?” The man told him, yes and he was very hungry. Cory said “I want you to have this lunch master. My mommy and I ate some, but there are lots left.”

“I want you to know that God blesses you too.” The man started crying, and I started balling, and the poor kid was confused lol. It truly warmed my heart to see my amazing boy do such a selfless service to someone in need… I hope he remains compassionate for the rest of his life.

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