Police Officer Stunned To See This Note After Leaving Another Officer’s Funeral

While on our way home from funeral services for Deputy Carl Koontz, my wife and I decided to stop at Scotty’s Brewhouse on East 96th in Indy to get something to eat. I was still in uniform at the time and we had what I would call an ‘ordinary dining experience.’

The waitress was polite and helpful and didn’t treat me any different than any other patron. When we finished our meal, she brought our check to us and told us someone knew what we had done today and paid for our meal.

They left a note saying ‘Thanks for your service! Tough days don’t last!”

This stopped me in my tracks and made me realize that people do see us and people do care. I can honestly say this happens to me a lot while on duty, but this one was just a little more special.

kind note for officer

Police officers risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. The least we can do is show them the care and respect they deserve.


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