Officer Was Stunned When A Woman Handed Him A Bag Of Goodies

Last night when the second of my three Extra Duty Details of the day was about to end, this young lady, Shameka Batiste, walked up to my unit as I was sitting there with my window down. She handed me two Walmart bags and asked that I please take them. She seemed nervous and tried to quickly walk away without wanting to give me her name.

Attached to one of the bags was a note that was written on the back of a receipt. The note thanked me for choosing to be who I am and said that her 10-year-old son Rashad wanted to be a SWAT Officer one day. By the time that I looked up from reading the note, she was gone. I was able to locate her in the parking lot, and we had a great conversation about the world today.

I explained to her that I was a SWAT Member for almost nine years and that I would love to meet her son Rashad. She told me that she would bring Rashad for a visit. She said that she teaches her children to not see the color of someone’s skin, but to see them as a person and that all people are the same. She also talked about her family’s recent struggles but praised the experiences that she and her family have had with Law Enforcement. We exchanged several long hugs, she thanked me again for doing what I do, and she told me to stay safe and that she loved me.

In a city where our city “leaders” are hell bent on a racial divide, making every topic about race, this young lady didn’t see race in me. She saw a man. As she said, she saw a man, a son, and a father doing a job that her 10-year-old son wants to do one day. She said that my parents are proud of me. Why can’t our city “leaders” see that? Thank you, Shameka Batiste, for the love that you showed me, and I can’t wait to meet Rashad!!! Also, thank you for the liter of Coke, the 1.5 liters of water, the two bananas, one apple, one orange, and one hell of a big sandwich!!!

In a time when the media focuses on the division between people, it’s a great to see this positive story about an interaction between two good Americans.

kindness for officer


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