She Gladly Gave Up Her Seat For A Soldier When No One Else Volunteered

I may look happy but I’m actually sad and disheartened!

As Mick and I are sitting in 1st class, I see this young man in uniform walk by us. I wanted to immediately give my seat up for him but I wasn’t sure if he was alone.

After a minute or so, I went to the attendant and asked if we could give up our seats for him (and his companion if he had one). She teared up (how sad she was so blown away by such a simple gesture, I’d hope this would happen more often) and said, “I’ll ask him.”

He obliged but was alone. Mick insisted he takes his seat.

So here I am sitting next to one of our brave soldiers (and New Dad) who has NEVER sat in 1st class before.

What hurts my heart are the other fourteen 1st class passengers (mostly suits) that didn’t give this young man a second thought of having the pleasure of 1st class..which he should have EVERY TIME!

kindness towards soldier

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