Neighbor Hears Pup’s Panicked Cries For Help And Response Team Pulls Him From The Ice

Charlie Labrador Retriever was rescued from a very scary situation four years ago in Theresa, New York.

Charlie ventured out onto the Indian River, and fell through the bitterly frozen ice.

He tried to pull himself out, but couldn’t.  A nearby neighbor heard the pup’s panicked cries and called the Theresa Fire and Indian River Ambulance Rescue for help.

Once the first responders arrived at the scene, they yelled “Hang in there Buddy! Hang in there!” 

Jeff, the responder, put on his red, waterproof, thermal suit and prepared to go in to rescue the frightened dog.


He crawled onto the ice, and as Jeff got closer to the dog, he started frantically wailing.  “Get goin’! The dog is in the water. It’s not over your head.”


“Talk to him, Jeffrey. Talk to him!”

“Grab him. Get a hold of him!”

The crew provides Jeff with guidance and encouragement.

“All righty! There you go. There you go!”

Jeff got a firm grasp on the freezing pup.

“Same way you came, back Jeff. Same way you came, back Jeff.”

Jeff  safely rescued the dog and placed him on the solid ice. But the dogs legs splayed and he was unable to stand up.

“Jeff, I’ve got the rope. Jeff.”

Then, Jeff lays down right beside the dog, and they are pulled across the ice to safety.

Then they battled to save the Lab from hypothermia begins…

Charlie, the rescued dog, was treated overnight for hypothermia at a local veterinary practice. Thanks to the first responders’ heroism, Charlie made a full recovery!


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