15 Struggles Only Left Handed People Will Understand

Our world simply isn’t very kind to left handed people. The righties probably don’t realize it, but there are annoying struggles we deal with on a daily basis. Some aren’t as common, but when you do deal with them, it’s beyond frustrating. Here are just a few of the hardships we endure.

Trying to eat in a booth is beyond annoying. You always have to sit on the end or otherwise you’re bumping your neighbor the entire time.

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Every time you write a check mark, people ask why you made it backwards.

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Every time you’ve ever written anything, this is your hand in the aftermath.

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Using scissors like this feels like you’re being tortured by Jigsaw in one of Saw movies.

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You’d might as well throw thing thing in the trash because it’s nearly impossible to write in.

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Guitars never feel comfortable unless you buy one custom made for left handed people.

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Plus it was way harder to win at Guitar Hero because you couldn’t really use the whammy bar.

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These were the worst in elementary school. You always looked insane trying to crank the sharpener with your non-dominant hand.

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Dry erase boards are always a source of anxiety because half the things you write are going to be smeared off onto your hand and sleeve.

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Thanks for being the devil, can openers!

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If someone has one of these with their computer, you’d might as well keep walking because there’s no way in the world you can use that thing.

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Sports are frustrating because you can’t use the regular golf clubs or baseball gloves.

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You dream of a world with left handed water fountains.

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Properly setting your table means everything is on the exact opposite side of where you need it.

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Anytime someone sees you writing with your left hand, they act amazed and then tell you all about a friend or relative they have that’s also left handed. Like you guys might know each other, or something.

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