15 Everyday Uses For Your Ordinary Lemon

9. Growing sprouts
 uses for an ordinary lemon
Lemons can also be used for growing sprouts. Squeeze the juice and put the seeds into the lemon half. Then plant the seedling in the ground together with a lemon pot.

11. Getting rid of shoe odors
 uses for an ordinary lemon
Leave fresh citrus peel in your shoes overnight to absorb odors.

12. Making candle holders
 uses for an ordinary lemon
Halves of lemon, lime or orange are great, nice-looking materials for making your own unique candle holders. You need to remove the pulp and fill the halves with melted wax. And don’t forget about the candle wick! Glue it to the bottom of your candle holder.

13. Cleaning stainless steel
 uses for an ordinary lemon
Lemon peels and baking soda will make your stainless steel shine.

14. Removing berry stains
 uses for an ordinary lemon
When you are preparing fresh berries, you’ll probably stain your hands. Lemon juice will help you remove the color from your skin. Removing berry stains from your clothes is also easy. First, wash the fabric in cold water, and then soak your clothes in lemon juice for a few minutes.

15. Repelling insects
 uses for an ordinary lemon
To keep ants out of your home, pour a little lemon juice on window sills and doorways. And to get rid of mosquitoes, stick clove flower buds into a lemon cut in half.


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