If You Do These 9 Things, They Are Making You Less Attractive According To Science

You may be very attractive, however, you may also have some traits that make you less attractive.

Knowing about these things may help you to be more attractive.

Being Mean

This may seem like a double-edged sword as some people are actually attracted to others who don’t treat them well, but that usually doesn’t amount to a healthy relationship. According to an interesting Chinese study, people who appear “evil” to others are less attractive and desirable than the ones who appear “good”.

Bad Posture And Body Language

Body language is a powerful thing. Once you learn how to properly use it, you’ll become a master of the universe. Or, at least, probably more appealing anyway. Seriously, your body posture reveals your attitude and personality. For this reason, avoid slouching, and never hunch your shoulders. Slouching and hunching makes you look less attractive and as if you’re lacking self-confidence.

Not Having A Sense Of Humor

Yes, you’ve probably already guessed this one. Both girls and guys prefer a good old sense of humor. So, learn a few jokes and make people laugh.

Appearing Too Giddy, Proud, Or Happy

This one is a bit confusing. According to research, men are most allured by women who are happy and cheerful but not too proud. On the other hand, women are attracted to men with a confident attitude while at the same time, they’re not attracted to men who show off with their happiness too much.

It seems women and men may indeed come from different planets…

Being Lazy

Generally, it’s only logical that being lazy can’t be desirable or attractive. People prefer strong personalities and those who are helpful, skillful, and those who have a confident attitude. None of these expressions are synonymous to being lazy.

Being Dishonest

Play fair, that’s the perfect recipe. Nobody likes fakes and liars. So, if you want your relationship to last longer or even forever, be honest in every possible aspect.

Showing Too Much Stress

The sad truth is – nobody likes depressive and pathetic people. So, if you want to attract someone, it’s best to hide your problems and stresses because they won’t make you look sexy. At all.

This is pretty simple. Women who are constantly under stress are less desirable to men. Everything revolves around evolution and natural selection. Higher stress intensity causes higher levels of the stress hormone called cortisol. Allegedly, higher cortisol indicates a lower rate of fertility. Logically, women who are considered to be less fertile are simply less attractive than others.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

If you have problems with a lack of sleep, don’t share it with other people. Generally, attractive people look well rested and have adequate amounts of energy. Black circles under the eyes, lacking energy, and a sleepy appearance doesn’t fit in with a well-rested look.

Your Smell Is Too Close To Someone Else They Know

Ok, this one doesn’t suggest you should turn into a dog and start sniffing everyone you meet, but if you think of it, there’s a little bit of truth in this statement. It turns out that we choose people according to their smell or their pheromones. Also, this ‘smell’ shouldn’t be too similar nor too different than what is optimal to our personal choice. It seems that everything boils down to chemistry…

You may be able to work on some of these things, you may not. You might not even choose to and there are many people that overlook these sort of things or maybe not desire them. We wish you find the optimal situation no matter what!

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