Couple Rescues One Dog And Ends Up With Twelve More

When Chris and Mariesa went to the shelter to rescue a dog, they had no idea that they would come home with not one, but thirteen! The couple met a pregnant pit bull named Storie, and Mariesa fell in love. “We have got to help this dog,” says Mariesa as they sat on a bench next to Storie. This man and woman have such big hearts for animals that they took Storie home right away.


They set up a comfortable home for Storie to have her puppies in, and she gave birth that very night! They were right by Storie’s side, and they have never second-guessed their decision. 


Chris and Mariesa are so thankful to provide a safe place for Storie and her puppies to stay. According to the couple, this experience has enriched their relationship and provided so much joy. What an incredible journey for this couple and this amazing mother of these pups!


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