Woman Was Completely Stunned When She Found An Insurance Policy For Her Deceased Mother

A woman came in after mother’s funeral with some correspondence from the insurance company I work for. She brought in some paperwork she was worried was a bill she needed to pay and was coming to tell us her mom had died. She just looked so tired, and we got to talking while I looked up the policy to close it out. She shared that in the last few years her mom had slipped into dementia and she single-handedly took care of her and how she missed her but just was run ragged and she hadn’t taken a vacation in forever.

I realized what she had was not a bill, it was a life insurance policy naming the daughter as the beneficiary for about $50K. I told her, and she just started crying. It made me cry, and I got up and hugged her and sort of just held her while she cried. She pulled away and said “I have no idea what she left this for; everything’s been paid for.” I said, “This might be her telling you to go on that vacation and relax.” It was so touching, and she had no idea that the policy existed.

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