Five Things You Can Make From Your Old Light Bulbs

These days, there seems to be a way to re-purpose almost anything, but lightbulbs? Once they burn out they are just useless (and potentially) dangerous items, right?

That’s what we always thought, until seeing these five tips from Shake the Future. In the competitive space of YouTube life hacks – yes, that’s a thing – Shake the Future is a welcome change from recipes that never seem to work and projects that require an expensive trip to the craft store. Instead, his hacks are thoughtful, useful and often made from things you already have lying around the house. Even when they venture into the bizarre, functionality remains intact, which is really all you can really ask from a good life hack.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who knew one way to re-use a light bulb, much less five ways that are each impressive in their own right. Check it out.


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