The Bloody Fight Between The Lion And Buffalo Is A History

Here we have an amazing video of a buffalo who goes up against a lion.

It was a vicious battle and some unique insight into what happens in the wild when two different animals end up having a beef they are going to squash with a fight to the death. Lions do normally prey on buffalo, and with the buffalo’s huge size, it enables food for many members of the lions fam. Usually the buffalo stay away from the lions, even though they are the larger of the two. But here we have a rarity. It appears as if a buffalo is seeking some revenge on an older lion. Nick Chevallier filmed the happening as he stumbled on them. Here’s what he says about witnessing the event:

“It was an incredible sight. I have never personally witnessed such a brutal, powerful event.”

The buffalo perhaps sensed the lion was not just older, but weaker than most as well. It is believed that the lion was not well, and perhaps posed as an easier than usual target for the buffalo to take on, and potentially get the upper hand. Nevertheless, this lion does NOT give up. At one point it is almost like he’s playing dead and then he unloads with a final flurry of attack.

Check out what happens:


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