Hungry Lions Attack The Wildebeest During A Safari In Africa

It’s not every safari that’ll be filled with the super excitement the viral videos would have you believe, but every once in a while you may get lucky.

This bunch of tourists went on a trip out in Africa and ended up parking next to a watering hole filled with a whole herd of wildebeest, only to discover something crazy was about to happen…

A female lion was nearby, and she decided it was time to eat. With plenty of prey nearby she began her hunt, luring the beasts away from the water and out towards her ferocious claws. Just when you think she’s about to miss everything that’s passing her by something completely unexpected happened, and that surprise I won’t ruin for you!

I still can’t believe that male lion took one down with that much ease, when the female seemed just to be content with cat and mouse… I wonder, which is more cruel?


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