What This Woman Can Do To Her Own Lips Will Leave You Speechless

The mind-blowing creations by Andrea Reed are definitely works of art in their own right.  Under her Instagram name is GreyGirlBeauty, Andrea is a Canadian makeup artist who creates and posts lip art masterpieces that she paints on herself using only fine tip brushes and a hand mirror.  Reed uses her lips as a canvas, painting intricate designs with tiny, layered strokes to give off a multi-dimentional look.

She creates original patterns, her most popular posts thus far have been takes on classic images, such as Kastsushika Hokusai’s famous painting, Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

Floral #Lipart Using @anastasiabeverlyhills Liquid Lipsticks in Milkshake, Party Pink, Bambi, Carina, Retro Coral, and Vintage. The green leaves and white highlights are from the @makeupforeverofficial Flash Palette. Sorry I can’t remember which brushes I used as this is an old old old lipart that I never posted. Two reasons why: 1. I didn’t have enough light when I took the photo (I’ve since learned how to brighten the image while keeping the colours true to real life) It’s definately not perfect but oh well 😚 2. Literally while I was finishing up this photo months back, I checked my IG and saw that @sarahmcgbeauty had posted her own floral lipart. I know it seems petty but I didn’t want people thinking I was copying her😂 Sarah’s is amazing I think I was intimidated a bit too. Anyway I kinda forgot about it but I’m happy I revisited.

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My submission for the @fullipsenhancer ‘Kissing Cancer Goodbye’ Lipart contest to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research during the month of October. A very special family member (and probably the most supportive, kind person I know – you know who you are!💕) was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to do this one especially for you. Thinking of you constantly, you’re in our prayers every day. 💗💗💗 I challenge everyone to join in and do your own! Please read all the details and rules at www.fullips.com/giveaway. I’ll tag a few artists I want to see do this! #beatcancer #raiseawareness #breastcancerawareness #kissingcancergoodbye @nbcf Products used: @anastasiabeverlyhills Liquid Lipsticks in Sugar Plum, Bambi, Blush, Sweet Talker, Baby Pink, Party Pink, Lovely and Unicorn. Brush: @smithcosmetics # 202. Nails are @nailhur Glamazon set.

A photo posted by Andrea Reed | Victoria, Canada (@girlgreybeauty) on


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