Homeless Teenage Boy Found $20 In A Store Parking Lot And Gave It To His Dad

You may not know what it was like to grow up in absolute poverty – I used to live as a homeless person with my father, who’d lost his job when the local factory shut down as they decided to move manufacturing to China. Had too many debts to pay, so we had to give up our house. It was miserable, but we made do.

Found about 20 bucks in a store parking lot when I was about 13. Me and my dad were pretty poor at this point. Hell, we didn’t even have a home. We were secretly sleeping where he worked.

I probably should have just given him the money, but I wanted to surprise him. So I walked down to the and bought a few pints of Haagen-dazs (my dad’s favorite ice cream) and then walked down to where he was working. He took a 30-minute break, and we sat outside eating it, just chatting about the world and how we fit into it. It really was one of the best memories I have from that time. From that point on I’d try to scrounge up little bits of money to buy us treats like candy, cups of noodles, ice-cream, or whatever I could manage. Just so I could sit and talk to my dad in between his 15-hour work shifts.

So, whoever lost that 20 dollars – Thank you. Those were dark times, and little moments of happiness like that is what got us through it.

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