Adult Version Of Little Tykes Toy Car Is Legal And Has An Amazing Speed

Remember those Little Tykes toy cars? The are the iconic red and yellow plastic kids car which have been the favorite for babies and toddlers to play in.


They’ve been such a big hit that apparently some kids who have grown up, haven’t yet outgrown the desire to get back in their sweet little rides and tool around the block. Well, now that fantasy is indeed a reality!

You can thank brothers John and Geof Bitmead of the United Kingdom who have recently created an adult motorized, and believe it or not – street legal, version of this classic toy car!

Check out this video to see how similar the two cars are!

It turns out they actually built the car in order to raise money for charity, but it never worked out as planned. So now the car is up for grabs for $32,000. Now c’mon, just think how cool that toy car would really be to your kid if he watches you driving around a full size version of the exact same thing! Very cool and super cute!

Share with your friends and family, and maybe together you can pool resources and purchase this one-of-a-kind adult toy car!


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