People Laughed When They Heard She Lived In A Garage, But Look Very Closely At The Inside…

The mirror hanging over the desk also helps make the room seem bigger. No matter how large your own home is, this is a helpful trick that’s worth trying!

Lives in a garage6

A simple tablecloth helps turn the living room into a dining room.

Lives in a garage7

Whitney installed a kitchen along the back wall. She uses an L-shaped couch to divide up more of the space without making it seem too closed-off.

Lives in a garage8

She used plenty of shelving for storage, and partitioned off the bedroom for more privacy. Sophee and Stanlee certainly look comfortable!

Lives in a garage9

There’s even a backyard. Whitney and Adam converted it into a little patio area, adding to the comfortable decor with fairy lights and trailing ivy.

Lives in a garage10

Once again, a tiny home like this proves that large spaces are overrated!

Lives in a garage11

Most of us use our garage for storage. But did you ever imagine that you could make a whole other home out of it!?

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