10 Sets Of Extremely Long Toenails You Have To See To Believe

It’s quite on-trend to have long fingernails these days. All of the hip, young stars are sporting them.

In fact, one of our own writers tried them out herself and absolutely loved them! It’s safe to say that long fingernails are an accepted and often encouraged way for women to beautify themselves.

But what about long toenails?

That’s a bit more taboo. For one thing, toenails beyond a certain length make it incredibly difficult to be mobile, to exercise, and they greatly limit the style of shoe you can wear.

To some people, though, the sacrifice is well worth it. To others, it’s something from which they must avert their eyes. Maybe that’s because it’s simply not something we’re exposed to on a daily basis?

What do you think about the incredibly long toenails below? Would you ever grow your nails out to any longer than the tip of your toe?


long toenails

Matched with the shoes, these nails make for a wild look. The nails themselves are like parrot feathers!


long toenails

The mirrored floor is very appropriate for this over-the-top look.


long toenails

These long red nails make it almost impossible to dance with a partner but to each her own.


long toenails

These bright pink nails even have some bedazzling to spice them up even more!


long toenails

The gold design on these pink and orange nails is very regal.


long toenails

It’s time for a polish change on these silver beauties!


long toenails

The pedicure has to match the manicure, or else you’re doing it all wrong!


long toenails

You can tell these are 100% natural by the way they’re curling over.


long toenails

These long toenails are adorned with a nice racing stripe, but only on the big toe for a “subtle” dash of flair.


long toenails

These are modest compared to the rest, but they would still turn heads on a beach full of short nails!

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