Lori Mae Hernandez Pulls Off A Totally Hilarious Stand-Up Routine On “America’s Got Talent”

Lori Mae Hernandez has a hilarious stand up routine that she wants the world to hear! The silly 13-year-old bravely stepped out into the America’s Got Talent limelight and started her giggle-worthy comedic act.


Lori Mae explained that she first started stand up to make her dad smile when he was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and smiles were hard to come by. Then, with confidence and poise, Lori began her act and garnered claps and laughs right away! Even Simon seemed blown away with her on-point setups and punchlines.


Lori went on to joke about her newfound babysitting career and the lack of qualifications babysitters have in general. Then she used that setup to playfully poke fun at this year’s presidential race. Lori mixes her life experiences with current events in a way only a seasoned comedian could do! 


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