After He Lost His Son In Iraq, This Dad Did Something That Will Leave You In Complete Disbelief…

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are often debated as to whether or not they are worth the time, effort, and money of America. However, what is never debated is the bravery and selfless dedication that each soldier puts forth on every mission. Over 6,800 American soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the impact these wars have had on the victim’s families is immeasurable.

On December 9, 2006, 1st Lt. Nathan M. Krissoff died in action from injuries sustained in combat. The death had a huge impact on his father, Bill Krissoff, who at the time was a successful orthopedic surgeon with a thriving practice. At 61-years-old Bill decided to change his life and pay tribute to his fallen son – what he ended up doing is sure to inspire you.


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