The Person Who Found His Lost His Wallet Stunned Him

“I believe that when you do good things somehow, you will get it back one day, 2 months ago I found a new iPhone 7 on the street when the guy called me I told him this is my address come get your phone, and I was very happy to make someone happy.

Today I wasn’t feeling good I went to Revere Beach to walk little bit and I don’t know how I lost my wallet, I was running everywhere like crazy to find my wallet, and I have almost $650 in cash and all my credit cards and ID and Insurance card and all my stuff I couldn’t find it, on my way back to my car I was very sad, someone stop me and asking me for my name I told him you have my wallet he says, ‘yes,’ and he gave it to me, I can’t explain my feeling and how happy I got, I give him $100 he wouldn’t take it, them I give him hug he says that’s all I need, the point is, there are still good people out there.”

lost wallet


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