Lottery Winner Gives Back To The Fire Department Who Saved His Father’s Life

Who among us hasn’t dreamt of winning the lottery, and pondered what we would do if we did? Quit our jobs . . . build an animal sanctuary . . . feed the homeless . . . or just go on the world’s biggest shopping spree? Well, for one man in Missouri, that fantasy came true, and he did something amazing with at least a portion of his winnings.

For Mark Hill, a modest man who won $293,750,000 in the 2012 Powerball, making his small’s town’s firehouse the best in the business was a simple pleasure he could make a reality with some of his winnings. A good-hearted man who, along with his wife, also adopted two more children after his big win, Hill had never given a single TV interview until local station KMBC nabbed him to unveil the amazing new firehouse to the community on the evening news.

What makes the Camden Hills Fire Department’s new station so amazing is that it rivals that of any in much larger cities. With state-of-the-art training facilities that include duplicates of homes, so that firemen can get real-life training, it would never have been possible without Hill’s generosity.

And where did the spark (no pun intended) come from for Hill’s backing of the new fire station? Well, it turns out that firefighters had saved his own father’s life on two separate occasions, so he was personally aware of how important their life-saving services are.

The Hills have bought a new large home and traveled around the globe since their super Powerball win. But nothing they’ve done is probably quite as important, or will leave as big a legacy, as their fire house donation to make Camden Hills a safer community for all.


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