Despite Being Outrageously Nervous, Louisa Johnson Stuns The Crowd With Her Soulful Voice

Louisa Johnson stood there on stage so incredibly nervous that she couldn’t hide it from the judges. It was just what she needed to hear before the intro to “Who’s Loving You” by Michael Jackson began, because at that point there was no turning back. 

The judges were instantly wrapped up in her soulful voice. Every word she sung was captured by the audience. Behind the scenes, her mother was so proud to see her standing there on stage after all the years she heard her sing. From seven years old, now to seventeen, Louisa’s years of singing and practicing had paid off. Everyone was loving her passionate version of this well-known song. She nailed it so perfectly that by the end, the judges rose to their feet.


The cheering and applause wouldn’t stop. She was simply that amazing. Her beautiful smile showed how grateful she was to be there. Now, she is ready to continue her journey singing with that stunning, soulful voice of hers. Her first performance, however, is one you won’t want to miss.


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