These Adorable Duck Besties Never Leave Each Other’s Side

Matisse and Monet are living definitions of the expression “lucky duck.”

lucky duck1

These friends were rescued from a foie gras farm in 2012.

lucky duck2

And they were brought to a little heaven on earth, Farm Sanctuary in upstate New York.

lucky duck3

The details of the act that saved their lives are shrouded in mystery, the people at the sanctuary found them after someone had dropped them off in the middle of the night.

lucky duck4

But given Matisse and Monet’s conditions, there was no mystery about where they came from — a packed farm where they hardly had room to turn around, let alone spread their wings.

lucky duck5

At first, too scared to do anything but huddle together in a corner, Matisse and Monet still showed the marks of their struggles.

lucky duck6

But soon they warmed up to their rescuers — and their lucky new lives at the sanctuary.

lucky duck7

But they still don’t ever leave each other’s side.

lucky duck8

Matisse and Monet have come such a long way since 2012.

lucky duck9

Rescuers will never forget where these lucky ducks came from — but they also will never forget the moment Matisse seemed to finally realize he was safe.

“At the end of Matisse’s exam, he stood on the scale and flapped his wings — likely for the first time ever,” Farm Sanctuary writes.

lucky duck10

“Although his feathers were broken and his wings were in rough shape, he seemed so proud at that moment.”


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