Master Magician Fools Two Of The World’s Most Famous Illusionists

When Steven Brundage took the stage, it’s an underestimate to say he was in front of a very tough crowd. Penn and Teller, some of America’s most famous illusionists. His magic of choice? The classic logic toy and course of massive frustration worldwide, the Rubik’s cube.

Brundage is a practicing magician based out of upstate New York. In a Reddit AskMeAnything, he says that he has a Rubik’s cube on his person “about 99% of the time.” While he won’t give away his magic secrets (that’s totally against the Magician Alliance code, of course), he does specify that he uses three different methods to match a Rubik’s cube, using between two and three different cubes apiece. Magicians refer to tricks using Rubik’s cubes as “cubing” magic and, as you might expect, Brundage can solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle normally in about 30 seconds flat.


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