How The Judge Reacted When He Touches The Magician’s Forehead Is Mind Blowing

Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? Even if you know how the trick works, there’s something about seeing it performed by an expert magician that makes it thrilling nonetheless. Simply put, we love the sensation of being “fooled” in that way. As I’ve pointed out in some of our other posts about brain teasers, our brains love simulation – and novel experiences that challenge us to think? Well, our brains react to those the way bears do to honey.

We’ve seen quite a number of great magicians here at Wimp, including my personal favorite, Piff the Magic Dragon. As much as I love Piff, though, I’ve got to hand it to 25-year-old Richard Jones for having one of the most mind-blowing tricks I’ve seen to date! A soldier by profession, Jones dreamed of being a magician his whole life. Having seen this video and the reactions that the judges had to it, I’d say he’s well on his way.

Unfortunately, Jones’ solid performance is not without some controversy. Debbie McGee, wife and assistant to beloved late British magician Paul Daniels, says that both the origami celebrity portrait and the pouring of hot tea from a soda can are very similar to tricks that Mr. Daniels performed several decades ago. It appears, however, that the similarities are largely coincidental, and the tricks themselves date back to well before either magician’s time.


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