15 Brilliant Guides That Will Have You Doing Your Makeup Like A Pro

It’s easy to get into a makeup rut, but sometimes if you’ve got a special event coming up, or just a new driver’s license picture, you’ll want to look extra sharp. With these makeup tips, you’ll be looking your very best.

1. When picking out your foundation, match it to your neck, not your cheek.
makeup charts 1

2. Use this handy chart for your best lip color.
makeup charts 2

3. Behold the power of contour. This is especially great if you know you’ll be photographed.
makeup charts 3

4. Don’t do head to toe with one polish color. Match it up with complementary shades.
makeup charts 4

5. Prevent over-tweezing with this guide for doing your brows.
makeup charts 5

6. Make your eye color pop with these shadow combinations.
makeup charts 6

7. These too-easy tools will step up your game with their precision and customized uses.
makeup charts 7

8. There is actually a correct order to apply eyeshadow.
makeup charts 8

9. Not all foundations are created equal.
makeup charts 9

10. Make your mascara work for you.
makeup charts 10

11. Keep only fresh makeup. If it’s old, throw it out.
makeup charts 11

12. Dry, flaky skin on your lips? You can DIY your own lib scrub.
makeup charts 12

13. Ever wonder what each of those brushes does?
makeup charts 13

14. Find the most flattering eyebrow shape for your face.
makeup charts 14

15. False eyelashes look hard to apply, but with a steady hand and these steps, you’ll be looking fabulous in minutes.
makeup charts 15


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