Argentinan Malambo Group Absolutely Rocks The “America’s Got Talent” Stage


Malevo is a malambo group that has been together for about 20 years. Malambo is a rhythm that gauchos used to do, a gaucho being the equivalent of a North American cowboy.

Malevo wants to bring this style back. Starting out with a group huddle, they count down and quickly get into their places. Malevo is made up of members that range in age from 17 to 42, yet they still all work perfectly together as they perform. They move smoothly as they begin and it only gets better from there.

Their beats are strong but they do more than just play the drums. The catchy music is accompanied by a dance – and even more! Drums are not the only percussion instruments they use in their performance. It’s no wonder the crowd goes wild for them – Malevo’s act is definitely worth watching over and over again.


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