Man Who Finds Lost Toddler At 3 A.M. Gets Criticized for Calling Cops

One thing no can argue about on social media: no matter what you do or say, someone, somewhere, will castigate you for it.


A Memphis man was reminded of this fact when he helped a wondering toddler from what could have turned into a horrible tragedy. Solomon Jones, out for a walk at 3 am, was shocked to see a tiny girl wandering aimlessly and unaccompanied one night.

It was a bitterly cold night, and Jones, fearing for the girl’s health and well-being and being a dad himself, immediately picked her up and called police, simultaneously posting a video on Facebook of him holding the girl and asking if anyone knew to whom she belonged.

Being only two, the little girl understandably had no idea where she was or how to get back home. When authorities showed up, they somehow managed to find out who she belonged to and returned her to her mother, who claimed the child had been left with someone else to watch over her. Whether or not charges were filed against the mother or that supposed temporary guardian, we do not know.

“I just really want someone to be able to . . . have the same heart . . . if they found my daughter out like that,” said the good Samaritan Jones.

As for why he got so much criticism for calling police to reunite the child with her guardians, it must say more about criminals who don’t want to be caught than about the sincere and good intentions of Solomon Jones, who likely saved that child’s life that icy night.



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